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The Utrecht satellite Mozilla release party!

It has been long in the making, but is finally released: Mozilla 1.0! To celebrate, we're throwing a release party simultaneously with the official mozilla one point oh release party.

Cheering to the by then just released (?) Woody is greatly encouraged.

Details (flyer.ps, 412Kb):

  • When: Wednesday June 12th, 21:00 (CET) until the last bar closes...
  • Where: Café Van Ouds de Vriendschap, het Wed, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • For who: Everyone
  • Entrance: Free
  • Drinks: As usual (you have to pay 'em yourself)


  • We will make some t-shirts to remember the release by, the design will be in white on black shirts. Original design by Baz can be found at www.a-eskwadraat.nl/~bas/mozilla.
  • enter your email address:
    and we will reserve a t-shirt for you!
    Note: the entry will only be used for identification, so does not have to be an emailadres


Contact: mozilla@a-eskwadraat.nl

Van Ouds de Vriendschap Located in Utrecht Organized by A-Eskwadraat